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COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER: If you are looking for a humidifier that creates a cover of visible, fine cool mist in your home, this one is for you. This large room humidifier is suitable for medium sized rooms which require ultra-quiet operation along with no filters and variable output settings.
AUTO TURN OFF FUNCTION: You don’t need to think twice about the ultrasonic humidifier while sleeping; as the water runs out it automatically turns off.
1.2 GALLON WATER TANK: The large tank ensures fresh clean air up to 15 hours, even in a large setting.
DISPLAYS ACTUAL HUMIDITY: Air humidifier reads the existing humidity level without any variance; which means you can now set a comfy humidity level with certainty.
AROMATHERAPY: Using Ponnyc vaporizer humidifier you can always get pure, clean, and fresh aroma by adding some essential oils into the Fragrance box equiped in the bottom of the humidifier.

❗IMPORTANT: Don't add essential oils in water directly because it will affect the mist output, and shorten the life time of the device.

The cool mist humidifier is an all-in-one solution to refresh and humidify an enclosed indoor environment where the conditioner is at work all day long.
Thus, the air quality improves significantly. Regardless of gender and age, everyone living under a dry air condition will need humidifier to spend a healthy day.

🌞Adjustable Mist Level

You may easily adjust the mist level of your ultrasonic humidifier as per your requirements.

🌞Silent Operation

Ponnyc air humidifiers provide an intelligent way to humidify the air in your room during days and nights.

🌞Auto Turn Off

Now get a good night’s sleep without going through any extra hassle and discover a new you after waking up.
When the water level has plummeted below a certain level, cool mist humidifier will shut down automatically.

🌞Filterless Operation

With our filter-free humidifier, now you don’t have to spend extra cash and time on replacing unnecessary filters.

🌞1.2 Gallon Water Tank + 15 Hours Working Time

The 4.5L water tank of Ponnyc humidifier keeps on working up to 15 hours after one fill. Sleep tight and say adieu to adding water.

🌞Customizable Humidity Level

The built-in humidity sensor works well to show the real humidity level on the LED screen of the ultrasonic humidifier.


Relax with your favorite flavor by adding a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the humidifier aroma box.

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