Knife Sharpener Electric 3-in-1 Tool New Design

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★ Multipurpose Knife Sharpener: Amolador de Cuchillos is specially designed for the sole purpose of sharpening utility and kitchen knives, hunting and folding knives, scissors, and serrated knives. The electric knife sharpener is the ultimate replacement for different tools and gadgets, making some invaluable space available in your cupboards & cabinets!

★ Works for serrated knives! This kitchen sharpener won’t ruin the serrated knife because it has new improved design and a special technology. So, you may sharpen all kitchen knives just in one machine.

★ Easy to Use: No more fumbling with that clunky old knife sharpening grinder wheel. When it comes to power & convenience, none compares to this adjustable angle electric knife sharpener. If you want to gift your loved ones something handy, it’s the way to go!

The 2-Step Knife Sharpening Tool Sharpens knives & Scissors with Ease

Afilador de Cuchillos designed chiefly for serrated knife blades and straight blades.

TWO level precise knife sharpening.

  1. The first level restructures the angle of the blade, while sharpening and refining the edges.
  2. The knife & scissor blades are polished, making them shiny & smooth.

Clean & Care Your Electric Knife Sharpening Tool Without Any Hassle

  • When not using, unplug the 2-stage knife sharpener.
  • Avoid cleaning the base of the electric knife sharpener with liquids.
  • Wipe the base down with a damp cloth and let it air dry.
  • Avoid touching the grinding wheel altogether.
  • Empty the receptacles that collect metal shavings.
  • Some Top Advantages of the Guide Angle Knife Sharpener

The 3-in-1 functionality sharpens any Knives + Scissors + Screwdrivers.

  • The 2-step sharpening process removes dull edges & preserves durability.
  • You can either select Coarse or Fine sharpening.
  • The 3.5ft rewindable power cord ensures ease and security.

Best Tips & Tricks to Ensure Better Blade Sharpening

  • Try pulling the knife at an even rate to gain an overall sharpening experience.
  • Adjust the angle along the edge for closer contact with the wheel
  • Hold the sharpening tool to ensure better stability.


  • After a long use, the motor is likely to heat up; let it cool down for 20 minutes before the next use.
  • Avoid operating the knife sharpening system for more than 3 minutes in a row.

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